Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Road

Sad to say, I don't mean the road I can ride with my bike. I mean the road I sometimes have to travel for work.

Just when I got myself geared up to ride a lot and to really get ready for my century, I ended up having to travel for work. It's been a while since I've really used a hotel gym. This week, I used two. Lessons learned:

1. An hour on a Precor "recumbent" is not too much fun. Particularly if the TV picture looks like something from the pre-cable era. But at least I "rode", although my knees didn't enjoy it very much.

2. The leg burn from riding a "recumbent" is very different from riding a real bike. Either that or I am not working hard enough on my real bike. Hmmmmmm . . .

3. The calories burned and mileage info on stationary bikes are suspect at best. But it's nice to have a cadence sensor. Might have to get me one for my real bike . . .

4. Although the seat on the recumbent isn't great, the seat on the regular Precor bike is at least a million times less comfortable. My butt hurts. My crotch hurts. And my inner thigh hurts. Other than that I loved it. And my right foot hurts. At least my knees enjoyed it much more than the "recumbent".

5. A 13 yard pool isn't conducive to working out.

Back to the real world tomorrow. But more hotel gyms, as I'm headed out on a vacation last week, without my bike. Sad.

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