Sunday, August 1, 2010

Suffer Silently

Rode basically the same route today as I did yesterday. This time I did it alone. And it hurt a lot more. No one to chat with, and no one to suffer with. And I suffered a lot. I suffered because I am out of shape. I suffered because this is the first time I've ridden back-to-back days since I got my bike. I suffered because I was trying to go faster than yesterday. And I did. By a pretty good amount. So it hurts, good.

'til next time, keep turning the damn cranks!


P.S. If you are into music, note that this post title is a nod to a great, great song -- Nils Lofgren's version of "Shine Silently". If you haven't heard it, you owe it to yourself. The best versions are live, like this free video from Nils' website. But you can of course find it on CD, or, heaven help us, wherever your favorite MP3s are sold.

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