Sunday, August 1, 2010

Slow Progress

Crazy week in a lot of ways = no riding. We began with a massive power outage throughout DC that had us moving like nomads for a few days, and ended with some busy work and trying to help my family get ready for a sans-daddy beach trip. I've got to learn to get myself up in the morning, plain and simple. And I have to learn to hit the gym when I can't get out on the road. A business trip this week will be a good time to start.

Anyway, got back on the bike yesterday and banged out almost 25 miles with a friend. Not a great pace, but good to just get my butt used to the saddle again. Hoping to get out there again today for a similar ride now that my family has left for the beach.

Despite it all, and despite eating way too much, I seem to have lost a bit of weight -- down to 202.6. Likely means I didn't rehydrate enough after yesterday's ride, but as I only do one weigh in a week, I'll take it!

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